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PRESS RELEASE: BHP evicts tenant behaving badly

Brent Housing Partnership’s (BHP) Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Team have taken action on a tenant in Kilburn who was causing on going anti-social behaviour within their block and in the local area.

The tenant was evicted in March 2017 after swift action from BHP’s ASB Team following complaints from local residents. The tenant was also in large rent arrears and was persistently refusing to pay their rent or seek assistance with paying rent.

The ASB Team interviewed the resident, gathered evidence and took enforcement and legal action in conjunction with the Police and BHP’s Tenancy and Income Management Team.

The case went to court and the judge granted BHP an order to evict.

Barbara Rowe, Head of Neighbourhood Services said: “Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is unfair and causes unnecessary distress to those affected by it. We will always work with residents to bring about a resolution and mediate where required. However, if residents persistently behave in an anti-social manner and break their tenancy terms and conditions, we will not hesitate to take serious action.”